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Authentic Persian Food 

About Us

Iran Zamin Restaurant:

Since its establishment in 2003, Iran Zamin Restaurant has been a cherished destination for authentic Persian cuisine in Dubai. With multiple branches strategically located across the city, we have become a go-to culinary destination for those seeking the true flavors of Iran.

Our journey began in 2003 with our flagship location, offering an exquisite dining experience that captivated the palates of our guests. Building on our initial success, we expanded our reach and opened our second branch in Dubai Marina in 2009, delighting residents and visitors in this vibrant district.

In 2013, we proudly unveiled a spacious and elegant location in the heart of Downtown Dubai. Spanning 7,000 square feet, this branch has become a prominent dining destination, offering an immersive experience where guests can savor the rich tapestry of Persian flavors.

Recognizing the demand for our exceptional cuisine, we established another branch in 2018 at Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue Food Court, providing a convenient and accessible option for shoppers and food enthusiasts.

Adding to our list of accomplishments, in 2023, we opened our latest branch in Dubai Hills Mall, solidifying our presence in yet another key area of Dubai. This expansion allows us to serve a growing customer base and further showcase the culinary heritage of Iran.

At each of our branches, we stay true to our founding principles: offering premium quality food, warm hospitality, and an ambiance that transports guests to the heart of Iran.


Kebab Ghafghazi

Tenderloin of veal diced chargrilled on Kebab.

Special Mix Grilled

Perfect Choice of Beef Fillet, Lamb Chops, Fish,Shrimp, Chicken and Minced Kebab

Mix Chicken Beef

Mix of Grilled Chicken & Beef Kebabs


Traditional Persian Stew, Slow Cooked of Chickpeas, Lamb Shank, Potato, Tomato

Kebeb Soltani

Beef Fillet Kebab, minced lamb & beef

Mixed Beef Fillet & Lamb Kebab

1 Meter Beef Fillet & Minced Lamb Kebab

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